Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Teeth Tips

The season for treats has arrived, and halloween hits the hardest when it comes to sugar and candy. Between Trick-or-treating, carnivals, school activities and kids parties, you could probably have enough candy to last you a few years, and yet your kids could probably finish it within a week's time. So what do you for your kids to enjoy the holiday, but not completely destroy their teeth? Here are some tips:

1. Make a deal with your kids before the fun starts. Let them know that you want them to enjoy the holiday by dressing up, going to parties, and enjoying their treats, but that they have to agree to let you help monitor their candy intake. 

2. Educate them. We as adults know the consequences of a sugar overdose. But your kids may not, so let them know about the tummy aches and cavities that come from too much junk food. They may not seem to care, but it will sink in after some time.

3. Chocolate over chewy candy. When it comes to your teeth and sugar, it's all about time. How long is that candy going to stay in your mouth and on your teeth? Chocolate dissolves quickly, while gummy bears can get stuck in the crevices of your teeth. The less time sugar stays in your mouth, the smaller the chances of cavities forming!

4. Rinse and Brush. Once the sugar intake is over, have your kids rinse their mouths out with water, then brush their teeth. The rinsing will help get a lot of the bacteria out of their mouth, and then the brushing will hopefully finish the job!

5. GO TO THE DENTIST! No matter how great your child brushes his/her teeth, they won't get all of the build up off their teeth. Take them to the dentist for a cleaning so they can help keep their teeth stay healthy. 

We have our $39 Holiday special for an exam, x-ray and cleaning! So Call us at (310) 398-5400! Have fun, and happy halloween!