Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kids and the Dentist

Many adults don't like going to the dentist. They dread it, and even hate it. And kids tend to feel the same way, but it's necessary to get their check up and cleanings. So how do you get your kids to go the dentist without all the kicking and screaming? We are going to give you some tips on making that dental visit a little more pleasant.

1. Don't show fear - One of the big reasons kids are scared of the dentist is because their parents are scared themselves. Have the words, "I dread going to the dentist" or "I hate going to the dentist" come out of your mouth? Even if you don't like going to the dentist, try not to show that to your children. They can sense it and believe it even before they set foot in a dental office.

2. Start them young - Some of our patients aren't even a year old, but their parents bring them so that they can get into the habit of visiting the dentist. When their teeth are just coming in it's good to check their gums and your kids get to know their dentist so that if anything pops up (aka a cavity), they can catch it small which is much less painful. 

3. Let them know - If your child is terribly afraid of the dentist, let the office know beforehand so they can prepare for them better. Let them know what music they like, or possibly even a show they watch. Many dental offices have computer screens that can play their favorite music or put in a DVD that can help distract them. Also inform your child on what to expect when they meet with the dentist. Let them know about the instruments they use and the x-rays they take. It won't be as scary if they know better what they will be doing there.

4. Keep them clean - The more your child brushes and keeps their dental hygiene up, the less the chances they will get cavities or other problems. Use timers on their toothbrushes to help them brush properly, and if flossing seems to be difficult for them to get used to, look into a floss pick.

5. Feed them well - Try avoiding soda, candy and other sugary drinks to prevent cavities. Pick snacks like apples and carrots that are better for their teeth and health.

Hope these help and we hope to see you soon!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dental Insurance – Maximize It!

Dental Insurance – Maximize It!

Do you have dental insurance? Are you using it? Did you know you could me missing out on hundreds, and even thousands of dollars worth of insurance benefits EACH YEAR? Here are some tips to help you get the most of your dental benefits:

1. Plan It! Most Insurance plans cover two cleanings (prophylaxis) and two exams per year at 100% of the cost! That’s right, you could be getting regular cleanings fully covered by your insurance! So set it on your calendar to go every 6 months!

2. Get it straight! Many PPO insurance plans will offer typically between $1000-2500 for orthodontic services! That’s hundreds/thousands of dollars to use towards Invisalign or braces!

3. Use It or Lose It! PPO insurance plans tend to have an annual maximum between $1000-2000 yearly. Most of the time, if you didn’t use it by the end of the year, those benefits for that year go to waste!

4. Fill It! Have a cavity? Get it filled! Many insurance plans cover 75-90% of your basic dental care, and that includes getting those cavities filled! It’s much better to fill a cavity than it is to deal with a root canal!

 5. Find out! Find out what services your plan offers! Do you have secondary coverage? You may have double coverage for all your services! Do you grind your teeth at night? See if you have night guard coverage! Missing a tooth? Find out if you have implant coverage! There are so many services you may be missing out on simply because you didn’t know you had them!

6. Work with it! Most dental offices offer affordable payment plans so that you can get your dental care done, maximize your dental insurance benefits, and still be affordable!

 So there you have it! You could be saving hundreds, and taking care of your dental health!