Thursday, September 25, 2014

How Do you Choose Your Dentist?

It seems there are dental offices on every corner of Los Angeles. They each seem to offer great deals, and great service. But how do you know if you're picking the right dentist? Having worked at several different dental offices, and with many different dentists, I am extremely picky and careful about who touches my teeth and gums. And let me tell you, Le Chic is on the top of my personal list. Here's why:

1. Comfort - Most people hate going to the dentist. They are uncomfortable and there seems to be an uneasiness when you walk through the door. In my experience, 1 out of 3 patients immediately compliment the office when they walk in. For a moment they forget they are in a dental office because our office looks and feels like a home. There is a calm and peaceful feeling, and I have even seen several people fall asleep on the couch!

2. Friendliness - Most of our staff will know you by name. The doctor's are down to earth and fun. Most people are surprised to know that our dentists have been practicing for a decade because not only do they look young, but they are so fun and energetic. I have worked with many dentists that are grumpy and you're lucky to get a hello before they dive into your mouth.

3. Knowledge - Chances are if you have a question, we have an answer. And if we don't we will try to find it. Whether it's insurance, what a procedure entails, or even directions on how to get to the office, we will try our best to help you. I've been to too many offices where it seems no one knows anything that's going on, and don't care to find the information either. 

4. Skills - Did you know that according to, USC Dental school is in the top 10 dental schools in the nation? Both Dr. Sadri and Dr. Hadian are graduates from USC Dental School! I bring all of my family and friends to this office because I know they are in good hands, and will be happy when they are done.

5. Flexible - Need a root canal and can't afford it? I worked for a dental office that would never offer discounts to their patients. They were all about the money, and didn't care about the patient. At Le Chic, I have been impressed time and time again by the kindness of our doctors. They are always willing to work with their patients on pricing. Whether it's through a payment plan, or discounted services, they will do their best to help you with your financial needs.

6. They Care - I have heard from patient after patient talk about how grateful they are for our dentists, and what great people they are. I couldn't agree more. I will always work for Le Chic Dentist.  It's rare to find a dentist that genuinely cares about their patients, and their employees. When I lost a baby a few months ago, Dr. Hadian called me almost every other day to see how I was doing. Genuine kindness is hard to find, and not only our doctors, but our staff are genuinely concerned about your needs.

There is a reason we get referral after referral. Patients love our office, and we love our patients!