Thursday, July 17, 2014

Holistic Approach to Healthy Teeth & Gum

Holistic Approach to Healthy Teeth & Gum

Oil pulling has been an ancient remedy for oral health!
It  has been a natural & traditional way to boost oral health!

What to use?
Coconut oil

What is the process?
It is recommended to do the oil pulling in the morning, before eating or drinking anything.
1. Take one tablespoon of the oil, and swish it in your mouth. You will begin to notice the oil getting watery.
2. Continue the swishing in your mouth, but do not swallow! (15-20 mins is said to be an effective amount of time)
3. Just spit it out! You're done! It's easy, and known to be very helpful.

Clear Sinuses 
Improves bad breath
Strengthen gums
Brightens Teeth

$5-$10 a jar

What if it doesn't work:
Use the remaining oil to saute your vegetables with!